Best Hair Transplant treatments in Dubai for Men and Women


Best Hair treatment can change one’s life. It is high demand and affordable procedure for an individual. Baldness is a major issue nowadays. 

Facing hair loss issues? Want to know the real CAUSE? 

Let’s have a look…

Disease is not the only cause of hair loss in men and women. Some natural factors are there that can cause hair loss, hair thinning or hair damage. Among all these natural factor below are the most common.

  • Food: poor diet can also trigger hair loss
  • Environment ( Dry weather of UAE is the major reason for dry and damaged hair )
  • Hormones Hormonal changes are a part of aging factor. And no matters in what part of world are you living in; apart from other body changes hair loss is a common one. Though hair loss at this stage can be temporary or permanent depending upon the changes occurring in your body.

Best hair treatments for men and women in Dubai:

At Dubai Hair Club our surgeons are using the most advanced skills to produce natural look for transplant of an individual. We believe that it is very important decision of one’s life so, go for the best opportunity. We welcome you to make this decision by providing professional service in reasonable price with free consultation.

  • FUT Transplant in Dubai:

It is a surgical treatment in which hair is produced on bald area by removing skin piece. It is usually done with proper care by the professionals so it will result in natural hair transplant. Depending on the number of grafts it may take 4-8 hours for the procedure. The main advantage to have FUT transplant is that it gives no damage to the existing hair.

  • FUE Transplants in Dubai:

It is the most advanced method that is usually done by experienced doctors and professionals. In this treatment hair follicles are extracted from donor site and transferred to the recipient area using stereo microscope in groups (1-4 hair). No risk of complications and very short recovery time.

Reasons to choose Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai?

The top reasons include:

  • It gives great results.
  • It provides permanent solution.
  • Treatment done in a way that gives Natural look to an individual.
  • Best team of professionals and experts.
  • Quick recovery Period.
  • Low cost.


What are the Results?

Every product is not for everyone and every treatment is not effective on everyone. So before starting a treatment it is always a good idea to visit the clinic and consult the hair loss specialist. For all kinds of hair loss treatments visit Dubai Hair Club.


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